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As a decoration designer, Koziel designs and manufactures its own creations. Wallpapers, Impostures Visuelles, cushions and various other items are all designed in our offices, and are manufactured by partners that are close to us, both in spirit and geographically.

Koziel does not purchase merchandise for resale. We only sell products designed by Christophe Koziel. And this is a principle that we are strongly committed to. In spite of this, not a month goes by without the addition of several new items to our catalogues. Koziel will never cease to amaze you...

Quality and originality

As an unconventional designer of wall decoration products, KOZIEL has always endeavoured not only to satisfy but to bowl over its customers with out-of-the-ordinary creations. Drawing inspiration from our daily experience, highlighting the inherent qualities of materials, rethinking and redefining the codes of standard decoration,... these are just some of the values that underpin our brand. Fashioned in the image of its creator, the designer Christophe KOZIEL, each item is a product of his imagination and his artistic acumen. His universe is that of free electron; a space in which he is free to express and translate his ideas and impressions. No censorship here! No management committee to smother creativity for the benefit of economic performance, or subjective judgements that encourage inertia. Here, we dare! Even if it means we might be shocking at times. Here, you like it or hate it, but you certainly won't be indifferent. This is our position, and we fully assume it ;)

100% French-made

In its own way, Koziel is committed to promoting French know-how! We are particularly attached to promoting the idea that one cannot reasonably expect the French public to buy without creating opportunities for them to work. The French are not merely consumers. They are also excellent designers, as well as manufacturers whose skills, know-how and reliability are universally acknowledged. These are strengths that we must seek to preserve. And it is this philiosophy that drives our team and governs our daily life. A drop in the ocean? A position that runs counter to mainstream thinking? We maintain our position!

Koziel has opted for nothing but the best with its French partners. At Koziel, everything is manufactured in France. We would never even consider having our products manufactured "elsewhere", at a lower cost, to increase our profits. When you purchase a Koziel item, you can be sure that it was manufactured close to home, with proper attention to detail. At Koziel, "Made in France" is not simply a marketing gimmick. It is first and foremost an added value. We thank our customers (both private and professional ) for adhering to these values, and for accepting that our prices may at times be slightly higher that what they would be if were to resort to foreign labour, which is all too often exploited without the slightest regard for workers' and even human rights.

We are well aware that this attitude is low on the list of priorities in the context of our current economic crisis. This argument is often sacrificed on the alter of price. But we are determined to take up the challenge.

We thank our partners for their "proximity", both geographic and professional.

We also thank our loyal customers.