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The story behind the Haussmann collection

A Haussmann apartment with timeless charm

Only a glance supported will be able to guess the deception and to appreciate an exercise of atypical and remarkable style.

Opposite you stand original compositions of decorative panels, doors and perspectives of almost two centuries of existence and made by masters of carpentry of the time.

A bluffing trompe-l'oeil and a meticulous photographic work ...

The transcription of authentic rooms is absolutely faithful. Everything has been thought to deceive and seduce: the finesse and balance of the moldings, the correctness of the tones (off-white / pale gray), the old patinas, the ancestral gilding with delicate imperfections, the nicely chipped paint and the beautiful and fine cracks.

Everything contributes to the quaint charm of these woodwork that seem to have crossed the time without losing a hint of their seduction.

All our creations come from an authentic Haussmannian apartment photographed and reworked with talent by our graphic design team.

haussmann Koziel

A stunningly realistic trompe-l’oeil creation achieved through meticulous photographic work.