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The story behind the marble collection

marble reappears from the past with brio.

All the trompe-l'oeil marble decorations in our collection are the result of meticulous photographic work carried out by us in the workshops of the Sansone house, a famous stonemason in the Lille region.

Christophe Koziel has selected a dozen noble stones from Italian, Spanish or French quarries, each with remarkable aesthetic qualities.

Each panoramic marble is available in standard dimensions (Height 270 x Width 390 cm), and can be divided into 6 different strips of 65 cm wide to better fit your project. Thanks to KOZIEL STUDIO's "tailor-made" services, these designs can all be customized in size, colour or graphic effects (open books for example).

A collection tinged with excellence....

Thanks to the rigour of the professional shots, the accuracy of the retouching, the mastery of the tricks of our graphic studio and the quality of the supports printed in high definition, our wallpapers faithfully transcribe every detail of the marble, the veins and the richness of the tones. The result: exclusive designs that are among the most realistic, both near and far.

marbres Koziel

The marble collection is also available in cushions, placemats and vinyl carpets.