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Loïc Henrio x Koziel

Discover the unique collaboration between artist Loïc Henrio and Koziel, offering us an immersion into the world of burnt wood. This collection of wallpapers is a veritable ode to nature and transformation, where wood, a living material, is sublimated by the imprint of fire.

Loïc Henrio, an artist based in Lille, is renowned for his bold and innovative approach. His work, which spans more than 25 years, has always been marked by a passion for exploring new forms of expression.

In this collaboration, burnt wood becomes the protagonist of a captivating visual story. The shades of black and grey, the rough and smooth textures, and the natural patterns of burnt wood are beautifully captured and reproduced on high quality wallpaper. This collection is perfect for those looking to add a touch of originality and character to their home.

Whether you're looking for wallpaper for a living room, bedroom or office, this collection offers a variety of designs to suit any space. Don't wait any longer, explore the Loïc Henrio x Koziel collection and let the charm of burnt wood transform your interior.

Loïc Henrio x Koziel

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