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1- Choices, colors and norms

The majority of our trompe l’oeil decorations are created by our in-house designers. Thus, our unique decorative style will be difficult to find elsewhere. You might say they are the fruit of our own artistic work.
Creator, manufacturer, and publisher; KOZIEL is proud of his atypical creative positioning.
Through our design we lay our claim to copy the reality and to bring it to you. We chose to keep away from imperceptible decorations, and break away from commercial opportunity which tend to imitate other wallcoverings websites. You may love or hate our artistic territory, but this is 100% KOZIEL.
Our graphic team takes all the necessary precautions in the chain of treatment of our visuals in order to reproduce faithfully the actual color under the light of the day. In most cases, what you see on the screen is close to reality. However, there is a wide variety of monitors and their setting can alter the nuances in the colors of our wallpapers. We can only advise you to go to one of our dealers or order a sample to appreciate the best quality of the material and the color rendering
In the field of wallpaper, each new production of a model is called a "batch". Identified by a letter (s) and or number (s), it is noted on the label upon the roll. A difference batch may have a slight change in the color and printed shades. These differences are almost invisible on the roll, two pieces of paper arranged side by side and coming from different batches may stand out.
When placing your order, we make sure to ship you for each reference ordered the same rolls from same batch. We advise you, before your order, to check your roll requirements (thanks to the automatic calculator offered on the site) and, in case of doubt, to order an extra roll that you can return if not used. If one or more rolls were missing during the installation of your wallpaper, do not hesitate to contact us to communicate the batch number in your possession. We will thus be able to assure you and give you an identical batch, within the limit of stocks available.
For a professional project involving large volumes, a special dedicated production can be considered. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Samples are offered for most of our wallpapers: at a cost from 2 to 6 euros per unit according to the wallpaper models. Samples can be ordered directly from the wallpaper product page (under the details "SAMPLE ORDER").
KOZIEL wallpapers are made in France (in one of the last wallpaper manufacturing companies) and in Belgium. They comply with EC standards and comply with a large number of standards in line with our desire to protect the environment. They are classified A + (very low emission in the indoor air). Our wallpapers also meet the M1 standard (non-flammable).
The vinyl wallpaper is washable, which makes it a coating for all rooms including the water features (kitchens, bathroom) and places of passage (hallway). The thicker it is, the more it blot out the imperfections of the wall. The non-woven fabric placed on the back of the wallpaper is the easiest support to put on: there is no need for an upholstery table, you place the glue on the wall directly! At KOZIEL, most of our wallpapers are vinyl placed on non-woven paper!
In principle, a wallpaper can only be placed on a porous surface. The glue must indeed be absorbed by the support. You can perform an easy test to know the porosity of the support.
To find out if your surface is porous, put a few drops of water on it:
  • If the drops run down to the ground, your surface is not porous and will require a sub-coat of paint that will subsequently allow a good adhesion of the glue (you will find suitable underlayers for any type of support in hardware retailers). This will be the case especially on metal, glass, mirror, and any piece of furniture varnished or chipboard.
  • If the drops are absorbed by the support, your surface is porous! It will be enough just to clean your surface before putting your paper!

2- Pose des papiers peints, velours et Impostures Visuelles®

You will find on each product page an icon representing a calculator which will allow you to know the number of rolls necessary for the realization of your project. Simply fill in the length and height of the wall to be lined. The calculator takes into account the fitting of the selected model and tells you how many rolls will be necessary to cover the total surface of your wall!
During the validation of your order on our website, KOZIEL offers all the necessary equipment to successfully apply your wallpaper: installation kit, cutters and glue were selected by our team of installers for their quality and ease of use.
The term "free fitting" means that there is simply no connection to respect: you lay the wallpaper strips next to each other without trying to connect the patterns. This is the case for example for our wallpaper "Poured concrete"
A wallpaper has a "straight fitting" when its pattern is placed at the same level on all the strips. With the installation of each additional strip it is necessary to place the motif at the same height as on the previous strip.
This is the case for our example forwallpapers "Boiseries Louis XV"
The term "jump fitting" is used when the patterns are shifted by a fixed height from one to the other.
This is the case for our example for wallpapers "Libraries" or the shelves are freely connected between them from one to the other
We advise you to remove the old paper on your wall and clean it before applying any new coating. Leaving the old coating may compromise the final rendering and durability of your new wallpaper.
It's entirely possible! We recommend beforehand to lightly sand the glossy paint to "break" the shine and thus obtain a more porous wall with better adhesion.
For best results, strongly recommend that you remove the fiberglass before placing your wallpaper on the smooth surface.
If it proves impossible to remove the fiberglass, it is also possible to cover it with a coating to make the surface smoother.
  1. How to hang my trompe l'oeil wallpaper? Clean the surface that will receive the paper and make sure of its porosity.
  2. Apply the glue to a width equivalent to one strip. Tip: Never start against a corner of the wall. Draw a line about 50 cm from this angle using a spirit level to make sure you put your wallpaper upright!
  3. Put the first strip on the wall using the guideline and make sure the pattern is in the right direction. Leave a safety margin at the top and bottom of 2/3 cm for cuts. Always start at the top of the wall.
  4. Rub with a special brush from the center to the outside to remove air bubbles and excess glue. So far, everything is perfect. The trick is to install the wallpaper like a pro!
  5. By holding a metal ruler under the paper at the wall-to-ceiling angle and wall-to-baseboard, cut the excess with a cutter along it.
  6. For the second, repeat the operation! Make sure to match the patterns or textures between them, by dragging the edge along the already painted strip until the pattern coincides! At most, you can drag the pattern from the height of the fitting indicated on the roll label.
    Em > Concerning next length of wallpaper to be joined, you can lay the paper as it comes. After every strip installed stand back to ensure the vertical edge of the paper is precisely aligned. For a greater trompe-l'oeil effect, pay attention to put every strip out of step with the previous strips in order to avoid the impressions of the previous strip finding itself by chance exactly at the same height as the following strip. / em > / li >
  7. Take the time to properly adjust the two strips, chase the air bubbles and finish up with a little roller wheel on the joint to finalize the hanging. Do the same for the following strips ...
Air bubbles usually appear when the wall mount is not sufficiently prepared or the installation has not been done properly. It is therefore necessary to follow our advice of preparation of the walls and during installation, to gently expel the air bubbles with a brush or a spatula to rub them out. If bubbles appear after the installation, they will be resorb at drying, in about 48 hours.
Just wipe the glue away with a soft, clean, slightly damp sponge! Preferably before the glue dries. But even when dry, it is quite possible to clean it!
We advise you to use a level to draw a discreet marker in pencil every foot. So you will avoid any shift!
Our velvet coverings can be installed in different ways:
  • Collélike a wallpaper directly to the wall on a door or a wooden plate using a fabric glue.
  • Stretched on a wooden plate or frame . We recommend this method for optimal rendering! The wall coverings velvet proposed on the site are provided with an overlaps of 3 cm around allowing you to staple your decoration like a canvas on your plate, door or frame.
    Thus laid, velvet decor matches perfectly and it support an effect trompe l’oeil the touch of realism!
  • Being a fabric, it can of course also be hung like a curtain!
  • Finally velvet decor can also be fixed to the wall with nails small heads, well positioned, and will be almost invisible!
These are "new generation" trompe-l'oeil, directly inspired by the techniques used to make showcases and theater decorations.
Not to be confused with stickers , they are made of plastic rigid 3 mm thick, flat and lightweight. High definition images are printed directly on the plastic and then cut from the contours of their original model (s). You place your Visual Imposture wherever you want: fixed to a wall, placed on the ground, suspended from the ceiling and move it at will. A lifetime and mobility much more attractive than a simple adhesive ... ... Imposture Visuelle is a registered trademark of KOZIEL.
Visual impostures can be fixed to the wall with velcro adhesives systematically provided with your decor. With a very low glue content but sufficient for the weight of an imposture, and the velcro adhesives does not damage your wall if they are removed gently.
The Visual Impostures can also be placed on shelves, fireplaces, buffets ... with cardboard easels to fix on the back! Thus, you can move your Visual Impostures according to your desires!

3- Shipping / Delivery

The shipping time is specific to each item and is indicated on the button "Add to cart" of the product sheet. Most of our wallpapers are in stock and immediately available but some wallpapers such as Tin Tiles and Panoramic Marbles are made to order. The shipping time varies from 2 to 15 working days depending on the product ordered.
The delivery time is displayed in the "Shipping" section (step 4 of the ordering process) and is specific to the carrier indicated. These deadlines are communicated to you as an indication for a delivery in metropolitan France. For any urgent dispatch, we invite you to contact our sales department who will help you to choose the shipping method that best meets your expectations. A more precise delivery time can also be communicated to you.
On each product sheet you will find the timeframe under which the product can be shipped. Along with the time of shipment the delivery time must be added. Delivery times vary by carrier and delivery address. After having entered your delivery address in step 3 of validation of your order, the various delivery options are proposed to you at step 4, with a cost and an estimation of the delivery time. We make every day our best possible to respect the deadlines announced. However, this estimate of time is purely indicative and cannot be used as a basis for a claim.

4- Product Availability

Once your order is validated, it is quickly supported by our team to ensure expedition as soon as possible. Some items need to be produced and have a shipping time. A notification will be sent to you shortly by e-mail to confirm the production launch of your article (s).
If a product proves to be temporarily out of stock, we will contact you immediately by phone or e-mail to inform you. We will then send you the new shipping time associated with the replenishment of the item in question. However, if this period does not suit you, we can offer you an alternative option or proceed to the cancellation of all or part of your order and its refund.

5- Payment

In order to offer you optimal security, all your data is encrypted during the transfer between your webpage and our server for the pages relating to your personal data and the payment tunnel. To encrypt your data, we use the established protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with a 128-bit encoding. You can be certain that no one can read your data.
The payment tunnel is also secured by this https protocol and the final transaction is done directly on the bank's website. In addition we use the option 3D secure to guarantee the final transaction: An SMS is sent to you by your bank to validate the last click.

6- Points de vente

Go to our section "POINTS OF SALE" or directly at the bottom of the screen "POINTS OF SALE". You will find all our certified KOZIEL resellers, owners of the books presenting all our Wallpapers collections, as well as our showrooms to discover all our collections.

7- Orders, Returns, Claims

You can follow the status of your order directly on the site Go to your “MY ACCOUNT” space. Click on the link "My Orders" to know the status. A "Details" link is available to the right of the line to know the elements that make up this order.
Koziel makes your life easier! We refund unused rolls provided they come back intact and in their original packaging. The refund will be done upon receipt of the product. Contact us by email or by phone and we will explain the procedure!
If the package is damaged, have it noted by the driver and let us know. Do not hesitate to open the parcel in the presence of the deliveryman and, if you have the slightest doubt, we ask you to refuse the delivery. Each parcel is insured against these risks. You must then immediately send your complaint to the transport company in charge of the delivery.
In extremely rare cases, it may happen that some wallpapers have printing defects caused during production. Please inform us by email, accompanied by an explicit photo as to the defect, and the batch number (indicated on the label). Our sales team will then contact you quickly!
At no additional cost, we will replace damaged rolls or refund you.
  • If you are an individual, the time limit is 14 days from the receipt of the order to inform us of your decision, followed by a period of 10 days to return the products. We will give you the shipping address and you will be fully refunded, except the return postage costs that remain your responsibility.
  • If you are a professional , you do not have the legal right of withdrawal. But if you let us know right away and we can help you find a solution, we will do it with pleasure.
Attention: we cannot accept any custom or made-to-order product returns. Also, any product returned damaged, out of its original packaging or outside of the return time limit policy cannot be refunded and will not be forwarded to you.
Contact us immediately, we will choose with you the most suitable solution (sending complementary products, return to our expenses, refund, ...)
If you have placed only 1st strip before you realize a defect, we advise you to remove it before the glue dries and send us a picture of the defect so that we can send you a replacement roll. Beyond the 2nd strip laid, your right to withdrawal cannot be exercised, and we cannot in any case take back your roll.
Our policy is to immediately process any refund request: non-compliance, right of withdrawal, money back guarantee, or any error on our part.
As soon as our agreement is obtained, we will re-credit your credit card of the agreed amount. The amount will appear on your account within 1 to 5 days. If you have paid by other means (check ...) we will send a refund by check within a maximum of 5 working days.

7- Professionals and tailor-made projects

It is always a pleasure to see our wallpapers distributed by new partners. To do this, simply go to the page of our section "PRO SPACE" or directly at the bottom of the screen "PRO SPACE". Fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.
You can also contact us by phone on +33 (0) 3 20 58 83 06 (call not premium rate) to know the terms and benefits to become a KOZIEL Certified Reseller.

That's what we like! Our Creative Studio is always happy to take on the challenges of our most demanding professional clients. Contact us by email or phone to submit your project.

KOZIEL is an artistic team entirely dedicated to custom-made sets. Thanks to its exclusive service KOZIEL STUDIO, you collaborate with a reliable partner who develops for you original and personalized sets.

  • Our knowledge of the decorative arts and our graphic culture is a gold mine.
  • Our expertise supports you in your projects, from the wisest to the most daring.
  • Our attention to detail ensures remarkable aesthetic results and secures you in more technical aspects.

With KOZIEL STUDIO, you benefit from a network of professionals experienced in your results requirements.