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Koziel Studio personalization service

Koziel Studio

Who are we?

Since 2006 KOZIEL has been dedicated to the art of interior theatricalization through photographic Trompe-l'oeil in order to create stunning designs that look realistic. We love our unique artistic approach because it brings us joy and allows us to bring our creative visions to real life.

We believe in cultivating a singular artistic vision that pushes boundaries and allows for endless creativity.

Our inspirations? Our source of inspiration comes from beautiful natural materials such as plants, minerals and architecture created by skilled artisans with an over time patina, antique and timeless.

Led by Christophe KOZIEL we are a team of 10 people based in Lille where we imagine, develop, market, store and ship our creations . We are committed to providing simple, professional and effective customer service through phone, email or in person in our showroom to best assist our customers with their projects.

Always Made in France!

We have also chosen local production, opting for long-term partnerships based on trust, to ensure a constant level of quality and maximised delivery times.

Indeed, the vast majority of our products are produced in France, or in Belgium and Netherlands at the farthest, close to Lille though. This proximity is also motivated by the aim of a low impact, environmentally responsible production with no overstock, which supports the local economy.

A passion for decor and trompe-l'oeil

Founded in 2006, the Lille-based publishing house KOZIEL bears the name of its founder and artistic director, Christophe Koziel.

For ever since he was first introduced to the world of photographic trompe-l'oeil, he has made it the guiding principle of his company without ever departing from it. Both creator and publisher, KOZIEL is an exception in the decorative landscape with its atypical imprint, tinged with poetry and history. This free electron likes to staged interiors in the same way as scenographies for plays or department store windows.
Creations that often originate from a desire, a lack, a crush, or even a frustration.

This unique artistic approach symbolises the KOZIEL state of mind and gives each of its settings on which we like to linger, a certain extra soul.

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Professionals dedicated to personalization and "tailor-made" services

With the KOZIEL STUDIO service, you benefit from the expertise of our graphic design team with its 18 years of creativity and our technical expertise on choosing the right materials for your project, as well as our monitoring and control of the production.

KOZIEL STUDIO allows you to customize all KOZIEL designs to suit your project ( dimensions, colours, special effects, etc.), but also to create your own unique and personal designs, starting from your own ideas. Use our incredible portfolio of unseen and innovative designs, including thousands of pictures and trompe-l'oeil effects.
Working with XXL dimensions, adjusting to custom colours, inlaying logos or applying new visual effects: we are ready for the challenge !

Studio Koziel

Whether you love them or hate them, the trompe l'oeil leave no one indifferent. An art that attracts attention and arouses curiosity.

Christophe Koziel

Studio Koziel

Exclusive and original creations at your orders

Enjoy our outstanding and exclusive database with thousands of trompe-l'œil pictures and shape your projects. Change the colors and dimensions, add you logo or ask for additional material effects : we are fearless !

We can adjust materials to your indoor and outdoor projects requirements (paper, fabric, velvet, adhesive, coated canvas, laminated) in addition to stick to the safety standards.

Please feel free to contact us through our online form or over the phone by dialing +33 (0)3 20 58 83 06

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