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Printed tarpaulins and privacy screens

Revamp your outdoor décor with our decorative tarpaulins and privacy screens!

Discover our exclusive collection of outdoor tarpaulins and decorative privacy screens, specially designed to enhance your outdoor space in complete privacy. 

Take advantage of our trompe-l'œil printed tarpaulins and enjoy the privacy and beauty of your outdoor space.

Inspired by our catalogue of trompe-l'œil visuals, our decorative blackouts will let you enjoy your balcony, garden, terrace or patio while protecting you from prying eyes and the wind. Printed with our most famous motifs, these blackout panels will add a unique touch of style to your outdoor environment, just like a work of art. 

Resistant to the elements, our privacy screens will dress your outside walls with elegance, extending the warm ambience of your interior to the outside. Our trompe-l'œil printed tarpaulins will create the illusion of grandeur and escape while preserving your privacy. 

Whether you're looking to transform your outdoor space into a cosy, welcoming place that reflects your image, or to add a touch of originality to your garden, our decorative blackout covers are the perfect choice.

KOZIEL printed sun screens - Outdoor decoration

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