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Collab' Conter Fleurette x Koziel

Conter Fleurette's herbarium

Aurélie Peeters, an artist driven by passion, expresses her creativity into crafting extraordinary floral compositions.

With a lot of care and reverence, gathering flowers during her walks, she has patiently built a collection that breathes life into magnificent herbariums.

You can find the rhythm of life in her creations, the flow of seasons, and the inexorable passage of time. Each piece reflects her gaze, infused with admiration and passion.

The collaboration between Conter Fleurette and Koziel yielssone-of-a-kind creations, where Aurélie's passion meets Koziel's expertise: Placemats, rugs and wallpapers grace your living space and tables, adding an elegant and charming touch to your floral decor.

Conter Fleurette x Koziel panoramic floral murals

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