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Zoé Jiquel x Koziel

Explore the fusional harmony born from the collaboration between Zoé Jiquel and the house of Koziel. Zoé, a pattern designer since 2016, draws her inspiration from the subtleties of nature, demonstrating her love for organic forms through a 'slow design' approach.

The panoramic creation resulting from this exceptional alliance reveals a brutalist plant world, captured in acrylic on grey card. Enveloping and spectacular, this work is an artistic celebration of life, from birth to creation. The touching anecdote that 'Zoe' means 'Life' in ancient Greek takes on its full meaning in this unique collaboration.

Immerse yourself in this artistic fusion where Koziel and Zoé Jiquel come together to give life to a visual and emotional experience, where each nuance and each line tells a unique story. Embrace this collection of wallpapers that transcends art and decoration, inviting life to flourish at the heart of your interior.

Zoé Jiquel x Koziel

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