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Alma, what is it?

It is a free credit payment solution that allows you to pay your purchases on the website, between 100 € TTC and 3 000 € TTC (excluding shipping costs) in 2 or 3 times without fees for you, private or professional customer in France and in some countries of the European Union.

Alma, how does it work?

The split payment by credit card allows you to pay for your order on our website in the following way: - A first compulsory payment, debited on the day of the confirmation of your basket, corresponding to half of your order (for the 2 times) or to a third of your order (for the 3 times). - Two or three monthly instalments, each corresponding to half or a third of the order, debited 30 days after the first instalment for the 2 times, and 30 and 60 days after the first instalment for the 3 times.

How do I select Alma when making my purchase?

It's very simple:

1. Choose your products and add them to your basket. Validate your order and choose the payment in 2 or 3 times without expenses Alma when it will be proposed to you.
2. Fill in the free online credit form on the secure Alma platform in a few minutes and get an immediate response.
3. Sign your free credit agreement online and pay your first instalment with your Visa, Amex or Mastercard. (The validity date of your card must be 6 months longer than the chosen financing period).

And then?

Within a few days you will receive an email with the details of your Alma let and a summary of your payment schedule. The other instalments will be debited in the following months (30 days between each instalment).

Is Alma safe?

Alma is a French company specialising in fractional payments. Alma has obtained the green light from the financial sector regulator, which has granted it a double approval as a payment institution and a finance company. Major international companies already trust them (Apple - Maison du Monde - Etam...) The verification of your identity guarantees a secure use of your Alma payment.

What are the conditions?

Alma caters for both private and business customers. The cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Prepaid, virtual and systematic authorisation cards are not accepted.

The Alma solution is available for customers based in the following countries France - Spain - Portugal - Germany - Italy - Belgium - Netherlands - Luxembourg - Austria - Ireland and the following French overseas departments and territories (Guyana - Guadeloupe - Martinique - Mayotte - Reunion Island)

If you encounter a problem with your order paid in instalments with Alma, you can visit the Alma customer FAQ or send an email to Alma customer support at