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Haussmann facade

Haussmann Paris in your living room

Travel back in time and rediscover the timeless elegance of Parisian Haussmann building facades with our collection of trompe-l'œil decors. Like emulators of the great architects of the past, these artistic creations faithfully reproduce iconic architectural features.

The striking realism of the two-tone faux ashlar, the finesse of the sculpted ornamentation, the delicacy of the French windows and wrought ironwork - everything is designed to dazzle your eye from near and far.

Magnificent trompe-l'œil, adjustable to each other, for spectacular interior settings. Let yourself be captivated by the authenticity and splendour of these unique XXL décors.

Wall decoration in trompe l'oeil imitation of a Haussmann façade

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