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Koziel BLIME

Koziel BLIME

Hello Koziel ! Hi Blime ! Nice to meet you !

The introductions are done :)
So much inspired and very fond of the new wall trend of coloured painted shapes, we really wanted to partner with a paint brand.

So we went looking, and when one seeks, one finds !
Like us, Blime is a company that stands out for its commercial and artistic approach, way outside the box. Like us, Blime is a young company that wants to breathenew life into a market with an already overcrowded offer.

Blime and Koziel is the encounter of two free spirits, two innovative philosophies, who pool their experience and genuine savoir-faire at the service of wild creativity.

Koziel and Blime are therefore delighted to announce the birth of their Paperpaint® kits.

With this partner we will write a brand new chapter in the history of mural shapes and colours. More spectacular, dreamlike, poetic, modern, irregular, better thought-out, and moreover freer...

Beyond our common commitments and ethics ( made in France, environmentally responsible and high quality products ), Blime charmed us by the very concept of the brand : to offer a limited collection of awesomely trendy shades, all inspired by the Earth and Nature, packaged in magnificent jerrycans.

Have you ever seen one of these compositions mixing motley and yet so harmonious shapes ? While the result is really exciting on Pinterest, Instagram or the glossy pages of your favourite Interior Design magazines, when it comes to actually painting those soft and irregular shapes you’d better be a masking tape expert or ask for professional help ;-).

We really are convinced that wallpaper can find its place in this new "art" of styling walls and therefore leant on Blime’s expertise to compose the colour palettes that gave life to our shapes kits.

These shapes have been thought up, imagined and designed exclusively based on their colours and on how they resonate with us. Each kit is like a musical score whose common point is the consistency between the shades and tones.

Our kits are therefore made of several shades and shapes of all sizes.
To help you picture your project, we have created a visual display for each kit that you can use as an inspiration to shape your own decor. But most importantly, you can let your imagination run wild and tell a completely different story...

Indeed, a bit like psycho-geometrics tests, everyone has very different interpretations of what he sees. You got it, you now have a realm of possibilities with infinite combinations and total freedom of execution. You can arrange the different parts of the kit as you see fit and according to your own tastes.

This new decorating trend can be displayed in every part of your house, no exceptions. So don’t hesitate, feel free to play with volumes and colours, use your existing decorative elements to give a different highlight, a new presence.
Furniture, frames or windows aren’t constraints anymore !

The collaboration between Koziel and Blime is the guarantee for an easy installation thanks to the pre-glued wallpaper combined with the colours’ acuity of a genuine painting specialist.

Now it’s your turn to shape your own : go play with your spray bottle, wet the paper and apply the trendiest colours on your walls ;)

KOZIEL wallpapers
inspired by BLIME paints collection

Blime paint
Blime paper

Pre-glued wallpaper shapes kits that are quick and easy to apply
with a simple sprayer.

6 moods available in 2 size kits : XL (4 m2) and L (2 m2)
to stylised all interiors


A unique accent walls concept

Cut matt wallpaper 157g

Pre-glued easy and quick installation

Infinite and free combinations

Standard or customizable

Varied cut shapes

Simply wet with a spray bottle

Removable and cuttable

Created and made in France

Live reactions at M&O Paris

"Awesome concept! It had to be done!"

"With just a sprayer and a brush? Sooo easy to apply!"

"To me, this is THE must-see concept of M&O. I'm glad I came just to see that!"

"Brilliant! The decor that fits the wall, not the other way around!"

"I love the velvety paint like shades, it's so beautiful!"

"I can't wait to introduce these to my customers, I'm sure they will all love and jump on board with it! "

A glimpse from M&O Paris


Frequently asked questions

We recommend that you choose the size of your kit according to the space you wish to display it in. By following our recommendations, your wall will not look too empty or too occupied.

- the kit contains about 2m2 of printed paper: ideal for styling a wall of 5 to 15m2
- the kit contains about 4m2 of printed paper: ideal for styling a wall of 7 to 25m2

Paperpaint kits are currently on pre-order and will be dispatched at the end of October.

Pre-order by 01 October 2021 be sure to receive it as soon as it is released!

Each kit is composed with predefined shapes and colours carefully selected with Blime from their paint palette.

For each kit and its size variation, you will find a detail of the shapes present in the product images.

You will need almost nothing: The installation of our kits is child's play. All you need is a water sprayer to wet the shapes on the back and a wallpapering brush to complete the installation.

Yes, it's very easy!

Our wallpaper is made of higher quality known as "non-woven"which ensures that shapes are easy to remove once wet with a sponge soaked in clear water.

If you had taken care to paint your wall before applying the decor, it will come off without difficulty once soaked, in one piece if you handle it with a minimum of care.

Neither paper nor glue will damage the surfaces to which they are applied.