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Outdoor prints and decorative privacy screens.

Tarps and privacy screens Koziel

Outdoor prints and privacy screens with KOZIEL's know-how and signature.

Enjoy your outdoors in complete privacy with our decorative exterior inspired by our catalog of trompe-l'oeil designs.

The printed privacy screen is an outstanding option to protect you from prying eyes or the wind. Printed with our most famous visuals, these pvc panels will give a lot of style to your balcony or garden.

Like a painting, our tarp will pimp up your exterior walls while resisting rain and shine.

Extend your interior with subtlety with our trompe-l'oeil printed decors. Transform your terraces, patios, balconies or gardens into a warm, cozy, welcoming place that reflects your style! Our decorative blackout covers give the illusion of grandeur and escape while preserving your privacy.

The printing technology used allows us to obtain patterns of unequalled precision in a wide range of colors. Every detail of our designs is transcribed with absolute realism, preserving all the charm and elegance that defines our know-how. Make an impact, or add a touch of originality to your new favorite living space. Easily place and move your privacy screens as the seasons change with its metal eyelets hanging system.

Different sizes and degrees of blackout to black out as you wish

Our privacy screens are available in three standard size or custom-made. Each format is offered in perforated mesh with 80% blackout or in printed PVC sheeting with 100% blackout. The metal eyelets allow you to install and re-install them as you wish.

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An attentive team for an outdoor decoration that looks just like you.

Thanks to the KOZIEL STUDIO service, you collaborate with a graphic design agency coupled with a wall decoration editor whose mission is to personalize all KOZIEL brand models to the extent of your projects (sizes, colors, settings, etc.)

Our knowledge of decorative arts, our graphic culture and our exclusive image bank are a gold mine to make your ideas shine. Our technical expertise supports and secures your projects, from the wisest to the most audacious. Experienced in the style of trompe-l'oeil photography, our attention to detail ensures remarkable aesthetic results and absolute realism. With KOZIEL, take advantage of a team of professionals who will accompany you from A to Z.

Studio Koziel
Tarps and privacy screens

Exclusive and original creations at your orders

Enjoy our outstanding and exclusive database with thousands of trompe-l'œil pictures and shape your projects. Change the colors and dimensions, add you logo or ask for additional material effects : we are fearless !

We can adjust materials to your indoor and outdoor projects requirements (paper, fabric, velvet, adhesive, coated canvas, laminated) in addition to stick to the safety standards.

Feel free to contact us through our online form or over the phone by dialing +33 (0)3 20 58 83 06

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